Mobile Notary Public

We have authority anywhere within the State of Georgia to:

Witness or attest signature; 

execute deeds and other written instruments;

Take acknowledgments;

Administer oaths and affirmations which are not by law required to be administered by a particular officer

Witness affidavits upon oath or affirmation;

Take verifications upon oath or affirmation;

Make certified copies, provided that the document presented for copying is an original document and is neither a public record nor a publicly recorded document, certified copies of which are available from an official source other than a notary; and provided that the document was photocopied under supervision of the notary; 

Perform other acts as notaries that are authorized by the laws of the state.

In Our Office

There is an $2.00 fee for each notarial act provided in our office. An additional $2.00 fee will be charged for each certificate needed.

Mobile Notary Public

We offer mobile notary services for individuals and businesses who can't make it to our office.

$20 includes 1 notarial act and travel up to 20 miles.

$30 includes 1 notarial act and travel up to 30 miles.

$50 includes 1 notarial act and travel up to 50 miles.

Contact us for rates over 50 miles.

Must show a valid and current ID at the time service is provided.

*Each additional notarial act will be $2.00 each*

*Travel fees are due in advance of service provided*

*Notarial fees are due when service is provided*

*We do not provide witnesses*

*Additional fees may apply* 


We are not attorneys and have no authority to give legal advice or explain the contents of the documents being signed. Any questions about the documents should be addressed with an attorney, the individual, or the business you received the documents from.